The Capitol Collection is a souvenir passport book to the capitols of the United States, repositories of art, history and marvelous stories as well as houses of government. The Capitol Collection will serve as your guide to the capitols and a way to remember them once you have seen all fifty. Won't you join us?

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How to use the stamp

If the stamp IS there but you don't know how to use it, please see Operating the Capitol Collection Stamp here on our website.

Travel Tales

Read comments from those who have seen them all!

Have you been to all the capitols? Write us an e-mail and tell us about it and we might include your travel tales here!

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Missing a Stamp?

If you buy the book but have already visited many capitols, there is no need to despair! Just contact us with the date you visited the capitol(s), and make sure that you include your mailing address. We will produce replacement stamps for your book and send them to your home, free of charge! You may send us a letter, call us, or use email; whatever works for you, just send us your list and you will be good to go!