Operating The Capitol Collection Stamp

Please use the following descriptions and illustrations to assist you in changing the date on the Capitol Collection stamp. Careful that you don’t touch the ink pad!

Step 1: Grasp the stamp on the outside of the black support arms with one hand, the head of the stamp with the other.

Step 2: Press in on the head of the stamp until it is fully compressed.

Step 3: With a thumb, press in on either of the red (sometimes black) buttons; this will lock the stamp into place; with the stamp thus locked in place, the stamping surface will now show, and with it the current date.

Step 4: Within the black support arms are notched, black circular devices that will allow you to alter the date simply keep your eye on the stamp surface until the correct date is in place.

Step 5: Once the desired date has been reached, press in on the head of the stamp; this very slight insertion will unlock the stamp.

Step 6: The stamp is ready so stamp away!

Unfortunately, staff members come and go at the capitols and they may not have been told that their capitol is participating. If you are unable to get your stamp during your visit, don’t fret! Just contact us with the capitol, date and your mailing address, and we will send you a replacement!