The Capitol Collection is a souvenir passport book to the capitols of the United States, repositories of art, history and marvelous stories as well as houses of government. The Capitol Collection will serve as your guide to the capitols and a way to remember them, once you have seen all fifty. Won’t you join us?

Step 1. Get the Passport Book

The Capitol Collection Souvenir Passport Book is your indispensable and comprehensive guide to the state capitols. It provides you with information about each capitol:

  •    historical/descriptive content
  •    a picture
  •    stamp location

Step 2. Travel

Once you have your Capitol Collection Souvenir Passport Book you are ready for an adventure that will take you to every corner of the United States, and showcase the very best that each state has to offer.  It is always a good idea to call ahead and make sure a capitol won’t be closed on a day that you intend to visit. Legislative sessions, special events and miscellaneous conditions can affect public access, so call ahead!  Our website has information for each capitol, updated every six months, so it’s good to make use of that information and make sure!

Step 3. Open the Passport

Refer to the hand stamp location guide at the back of your Souvenir Passport Book – not every capitol keeps its stamp in the same place.You maybe able to stamp the book yourself, or someone at the capitol may do it; some capitols may have the stamp in public view, while others will need to be asked for it. Whatever the scenario, make sure the date is correct and get your stamp!

Step 4. Get Your Book Stamped

This is the exciting part, no?

Step 5. You’re Done!


Once you have your stamp, mark off that capitol in the back of the book …this will help you keep track!


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